This is a Government based accreditation body set up by London Transport and introduced by the Mayor of London to promote safe modes of transport and travel within the London Boroughs.  Offering free advice and training in many associated areas including, legal compliance, CPC driver training, safety workshops, security, environmental and sustainability awareness. 




ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY

Knights of Old Group embraces the use of Quality systems throughout its business to help ensure the highest levels of customer service and employee commitment.  Senior Management play a key role in ensuring the management systems are reviewed on a regular basis to support continuous improvement.




Knights of Old Group has adopted a policy of operating and developing an environmental management system based upon the International standard ISO14001.  We are committed to our ethical and social responsibilities and promote continuous improvement in all aspects of the business whilst remaining compliant.




Knights of Old Group's objective is to provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable place of work that benefits our employees, visitors, clients and contractors that fully meets the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.  To maintain these goals we have implemented the highest management standard for Health & Safety, BSI Standard, OHSAS 18001.  This Health & Safety system compliments other standards and comes within the overall control of the quality systems ensuring regular audits, reviews and improvements are carried out.

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