At Knights of Old Group we have a strong commitment and sense of responsibility towards our most valued asset, our employees, and as such we endeavour to keep them safe at all times. Through ongoing training initiatives, proactive management and stringent policies, Knights of Old Group aims to provide a safe environment for our employees to work in and a safe and reliable service for our clients. Please see our H&S aims and objectives below:

To provide a safe environment for all staff, contractors and visitors by eliminating or minimising Health & Safety risks associated with its activities. The overall objectives are to provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable place of work that benefits our employees, visitors, clients and contractors that also fully meets both the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the relevant regulations related to our industry.

To identify the risks and hazards associated with core activities

Knights of Old Group  has made a commitment to manage the company to the highest level of legal compliance quality, Health & Safety, welfare and client care. To help us achieve and maintain these goals we are working towards the recognised OSHAS 18001 standard for Health & Safety. This Health & Safety system will compliment other standards and will come within the overall control of the quality system allowing for regular audits, reviews and improvements. Our Health & Safety Management system specifies the means provided to implement, monitor and continually improve this policy.
It is every staff members’ responsibility to ensure the company’s Health & Safety rules are followed at all times. Failure to comply with certain instructions may cause serious injury to themselves or other personnel. Ignoring this Policy also contravenes your responsibilities under the Health & Safety Act at Work 1974 and will always lead to the highest disciplinary action.
  • The identification of hazards and assessments of associated risks
  • The provision of safe working practice
  • The issue of personal protective equipment
  • Consultation with staff on safety matters
  • The requirement of accident reporting, investigation and corrective actions
  • The provision for emergency actions
  • The provision of first aid training and equipment
DATE: 20/02/2021

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